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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 11” latex balloons typically last about 2-3 days. Foil balloons last in optimum condition approx. 5-7 days but can stay afloat for 2- 3 weeks. Our 3ft balloons can stay floating for a week or longer. Our bubble balloons will float happily for 14 days or longer.

We treat each event with special care and attention, so it is difficult to give a general pricelist on our website.

Our installations start from 280,000 naira. We would have to do a site visit or see a picture of your space to prepare a final quote. Certain factors that might affect your quote include: the distance to job site, time frame to setup the job, inclusion of florals and the type of décor selected.

Please call us (08173232504) to discuss designs, themes and pricing.

If you are using foil or bubble balloons, you should have no problems. But smaller latex balloons are usually in their prime in the first 24 hours after being blown, so we would recommend having them delivered as close to your event start time as possible.

There is a 20k delivery and installation fee on all balloon decorating jobs.

No, sadly we do not. (except in rare circumstances and at our complete discretion.)

Yes, we can provide a site survey. There is N30k fee that is applied as credit towards your final order if you decide to book us to decorate your event.

Yes, we can customize both 16inch and 3ft latex balloons, all our bubble balloons and most of our foil balloons. Certain restrictions apply. Please speak to us for more information.

We can take same day orders up until 11am each day. Your order being accepted will depend on if we have availability in our schedule so we always advise you book as early as possible.


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