3ft Tassel Balloon


Make a big ass statement with our GIANT ball shaped latex balloons! It can be seen from near and far making your celebration a big one. With the right color combination, these balloons will make your event looks super luxe with memories to last forever!!

Personalize your 3ft balloon ,just how you like it!! These personalized balloons can easily turn everywhere and anywhere into INSTA-Worthy moment, making it perfect for all occasions. Our Giant Latex Balloon are approx 36 inch with an option for single tassels or Floor length Tassel Tails.

Where your specific requests for changes to print style, colours, tassel or string aren’t available, we will provide a suitable match at our discretion. You may also call to book +2348179442195 if you would like to take advantage of our paid personalised design service. This service starts at 10k per order.
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Please note that we will be printing (copy and pasting) your custom message exactly as submitted. We also hold the right to refuse any revisions, 48 hours prior to delivery, so kindly check for typographical errors before sending your order as balloon reprinting will incur a full recharge.

Important note for delivery times: please note that we deliver between 8:30am to 3pm daily. The exact time of your drop off will depend on our delivery route and schedule for the day. We can advise you on an estimated time of arrival, if needed.

For guaranteed delivery before 10am, please add speedy delivery to your basket.

3ft Tassel Balloon

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