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  • 240,000

    Our Gold Bling Set puts the fun in your party or event! This set comes in 1 orbs balloon, 2 large customised  bubble balloons, 2 regular latex balloons, 2 number balloons, 4 regular confetti balloons and 5 chrome latex balloons. This set has 3 customisable balloons, comes helium inflated on 7 stands.

  • 160,000

    Please note that we will be printing (copy and pasting) your custom message exactly as submitted. We also hold the right to refuse any revisions, 48 hours prior to delivery, so kindly check for typographical errors before sending your order as balloon reprinting will incur a full recharge. Important note…

  • 284,000

    The Birthday campaign is perfect for birthdays and big celebrations. This set come in a 3ft latex balloon, 1 bubble balloon, 1 orbs balloon, 2 foil balloons, 3 clear balloons, 7 chrome latex balloons and 7 regular latex balloons.

    Available in preferred colors.

    This bouquet comes with three customizable balloons.

  • 135,000

    The gorgeous Lettter Set comes in a 3ft clear balloon, 1 letter balloon, 2 chrome balloons and 5 regular latex balloons. Available in preferred colors. This bouquet comes with only one customizable balloon, helium inflated on 3 stands.

  • 175,000

    A stunning set with 2 number balloons, 1 16 inch orb, 1 large customized 24 inch clear and 10 latex ceiling balloons. An instant party vibe. Delivered helium inflated on 4 stands.

  • 156,000

    This beautiful set comes in a show stopping  3ft balloon and 2 large customised 24″ bubble balloons with your choice of filling. Delivered helium inflated on 3 stands. Available in preferred colors and can be adjusted for any age.